¿What is it


HYDRIA is a family project born in the Hoya de los Hermanos, as it could not be otherwise. It is located in the western zone of D. Bullas, at an altitude above 800 meters above sea level. The wines of this sub-area of ​​D. Bullas are considered the best of the denomination.

The rugged terrain gives rise to small valleys, such as the Hoya de los Hermanos, where HYDRIA stands, with its own microclimate that gives our wines the personality that defines them.

The 40-year-old vineyard currently has two Monastrell and Tempranillo varieties and is located in the valley that forms at the confluence of the Sierras de Lavia, Puntalico and El Cabezo del Hinete. It is a privileged enclave that is integrated in the area of ​​special protection of the birds of the mountain ranges of Burete, Lavia and Cambrón, a habitat where species such as the Eagle or the Royal Owl are found.

Our secret is in the E+D

We use the same techniques as our ancestors: Dedication and Dedication. And as a result we proudly show our wine